Partial Refunds

Don't want to send back everything? Use Partial Refunds.

SamCart allows you to issue Partial Refunds on any charge right inside of your account.

You can issue Partial Refunds for both one-time charges and subscriptions. This feature works with charges made through Stripe, PayPal, Authorize, or any other payment processor. 

Issue a Partial Refund

To issue a Partial Refund, open any order. You can open an order by clicking on an item in your dashboard, or by clicking on Orders under the Sales tab in the navigation bar.

Once the order is opened, click on the Refund button next to any line item.

This will open a popup window where you can choose to fully refund this line item, or issue a partial refund. Select partial refund, and enter the amount you would like to refund to your customer.

If you enter a number higher than what your customer paid, you will see an error message. SamCart will not let you refund your customer more money than they paid you. So don't sweat that!

After you enter your amount, click Refund. Then you will see a box asking you to confirm. Once you confirm, the partial refund will be issued, and you're all set!

Important note: PayPal refunds can only be issued within 180 days of the purchase. 

SamCart Keeps Reporting In Order

After you issue a partial refund, the order will be labeled Partially Refunded. All of your reports will be updated so you can always quickly identify exactly which orders have received a partial refund and trust that your stats are always up to date!

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