SEO Settings

Add SEO settings to customize how your product page links appear when shared!

When sharing your product page URL, you can now customize your Page Title, Description, and Featured Image to ensure your links are always on-brand when shared on social media, marketing ads, or even text messages! You can also enable search engine crawling for your product page if you want it to show up in search engine results.

To customize your SEO Settings, click into a Product and select the SEO tab: 

Here is a breakdown of each of the settings:

1. Allow search engines to crawl my pages? Enabling this will index your product page so it is returned in search engine results. If you’re getting excessive page views from bots, consider turning this off.

2. SEO Page Title will show as a title or headline for the shared link.

3. SEO Description will show as a description under the title. Descriptions might not always show depending on where it is shared to.

4. SEO Feature Image will show this image with both the Page Title and Description.

After you enter those fields, be sure to Save Changes

The next time you share your checkout page link, you will see the SEO Settings in action! 

You can make changes to the Title, Description, or Image at any time! 

An important note is that any previously shared links will not update with the new content automatically. The new content will only show when the link is shared after you save changes.

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