Scheduling Exports

Eliminate the hassle of manually pulling your reports by having them delivered automatically to your inbox.

You can now schedule a report export from right inside of your SamCart account! To do so, first visit the report you would like to schedule an export for. 

For this example, we will be scheduling the export of the Orders report by going to the Sales tab and selecting Orders:

Then on the Orders page, scroll to the bottom of the Orders table and click on the Export CSV File button:

In the Export CSV File pop-up window, select the Scheduled option in the Delivery Type dropdown to begin to schedule a report delivery:

Next, you will need to enter in a File Name and choose an Email Address to receive the export.

The last step is to select the export's delivery frequency. A Scheduled Export currently provides three options for report delivery frequency:

  • Daily - Daily reports will be sent every day at midnight based on your Marketplace’s timezone
  • Weekly - Weekly reports will be sent every Monday at midnight based on your Marketplace’s timezone
  • Monthly - Monthly reports will be sent on the 1st of every month at midnight based on your Marketplace’s timezone

Once you have selected the Frequency option, along with entering in a File Name and Email address, click on the Confirm button to finalize your scheduled export!

SamCart will process the export into a CSV file, and automatically send an email to the address you chose with the report based on the report delivery frequency! 

The scheduled export report will only include data since the last report sent. This will prevent you from receiving any duplicate reporting data!

If at any time you would like to stop receiving scheduled export emails, or would like to see a list of emails receiving scheduled exports, you can do so by clicking on the Account dropdown and clicking on Account Settings:

In the Scheduled Emails section, you will see a list of all emails that have been scheduled to receive a report:

To stop scheduled report delivery emails for a specific email, click on the Delete icon in the Scheduled Emails section:

One cool aspect of this feature is that you can now send your SamCart data nightly to your preferred business intelligence tool!  Any third party tool that supports ingesting a CSV via email will work with our schedule email feature. Right now reports are sent with a link in the email, but if you need the CSV directly attached, that feature is in BETA and can be enabled by contacting support. From there, simply get the email address (per object needed) from your BI tool and use it with scheduled cancellations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I send multiple different reports to the same email?

A: Absolutely! The only restriction with scheduled exports is you can only have one report type and frequency per email. This means that you can have multiple reports with different delivery frequencies sent to the same email address! However, you can not have two daily order exports sent to the same email. 

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