Product Gifting

Give your customers the option to purchase your products as gifts!

With SamCart’s Product Gifting feature, you can allow your customers to gift your products to another recipient! Your customers will now be able to easily purchase a product and gift it to a friend or family member.

Enable Product Gifting

  • Navigate to your product’s Advanced Settings tab
  • Scroll to the Gifting section and toggle the “Allow products to be gifted?” button to Yes
  • The “Allow a personalized gift message?” toggle will add an optional field to your product page that gives your customers the option to write a personalized gift message which will be included in the Gift Order Receipt email
  • Click Save Changes before leaving the Advanced Settings tab to save the product gifting settings

Your product can now be purchased and delivered as a gift! 

How Your Customers Can Gift Products

When your customers land on your product page they will see an option in the Checkout Form to select that their order contains a gift: 

After selecting that their order includes a gift, new fields will appear:

The Recipient’s First Name, Recipient’s Last Name, and Recipient’s Email fields are all required to successfully check out with the product as a gift. 

The Personalized Gift Message section is an optional field that will only appear if the "Allow a personalized gift message?" button is set to On.

If your product page has order bumps that your customer adds to their order they will have the option to set some or all as product to gifts in the order summary:

When gifting is initially selected by a customer, all products in their order are selected as gifts by default. 

Your customer can continue the checkout process as normal! 

After checking out, the Gift Recipient will receive a Gift Notification email from your marketplace that is similar to the Order Receipt email.

The Gift Notification email will include any download links/buttons that are associated with the gifted products. Additionally, the Gift Notification email can be edited on the product level by going inside the Emails tab inside your product: 

Your customer who is purchasing the product(s) as a gift will receive an Order Receipt email as normal; however when a product is gifted, the download links/buttons will be hidden from the customer and will only be available to the gift recipient.

Product Gifting Integrations

You’ll be able to take advantage of our existing integration triggers with the Product Gifting feature!

Now, when creating an integration rule on the product or global level, you’ll see a new “Use Gift Recipient When Available” toggle on the third step when gifting is enabled. 

When the “Use Gift Recipient When Available” toggle is On, the integration engine will confirm if the product is being gifted. If the product is gifted, the integration rule will fire using the Gift Recipient information.

If the product is not gifted the integration event will fire as normal using your customer’s information.

The integration rule will fire as normal with your customer’s information when the Use Gift Recipient When Available toggle is set to Off.

It is important to note that you will only see the Use Gift Recipient Toggle when creating rules on the product level with products that have gifting enabled. 

Additionally, you will only see the Use Gift Recipient Toggle when creating Global integration rules if the integration trigger supports product gifting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my page includes another product that does not have product gifting enabled?

A: If an additional product on your page, such as an order bump, does not have product gifting enabled, text saying “Gift options are not available” will appear near the product in the order summary instead of the “This item is a gift” text.

Q: Can customers add multiple gift recipients?

A: At this time, your customers can not add different gift recipients when gifting a product. However, your customers can check out on your product page again to gift a product to a different recipient!

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