Creating Students

Easily manage your student profiles inside your SamCart Courses App!

With SamCart's Courses App you can manually create, delete, and edit student profiles. See how to manually create one student at a time below, or in bulk with the Import Students feature.

To manually create or edit a student profile you will need to first navigate to your Courses App in the Apps dropdown and then navigate to the Students tab: 

Manually Creating a New Student

Follow these steps to manually create a new student profile:

  • Click the + Add Student button:
  • In the Create Student page enter your student’s email address and first and last name.
  • The Password field is optional! You can leave the Password field blank to auto-generate a secure password for the user. However, if you would like to manually create a password for your student, you can enter in the desired password in the Password field.
  • After entering in the student’s details click on the Create Student button:

You have now successfully created a student profile in your SamCart Courses App! For more information on what your students will receive after creating their student profile visit our How To Access Your Courses article. This article includes information on the student’s perspective.

Editing Your Students’ Profiles

After creating a new student profile you will be automatically directed to the student’s profile: 

You can also access the student profile by going to the Students tab and searching for an existing student by name or email address in the search bar (1). Clicking on the student’s name (2) will direct you to the student’s profile: 

Let’s break down the different sections/buttons on the Manage Student Profile!

Enroll button: To manually grant student access to your courses click on the Enroll button:

By default, after manually creating a new student they will not have access to any courses. For more information on manually granting course access visit our Granting Course Access article.

More Options button: If you would like to reset your student’s current password click on the Update Password option to have a secure password resent email sent to your customer’s email address.

Delete Student button: See Delete Student Section below

Edit button: Clicking on the Edit button will bring up additional fields to manually edit your student’s name and email address associated with their profile.

Changing a student’s email address will also change the email address they use to log in. After making changes click on the Save button inside the Profile section:

Courses section: The Courses section will show all the courses the student has access to, as well as the amount of progress the student has made on the course.

Quizzes section: Any quizzes that a student has completed will appear here, along with their score. 

Worksheet Section: Any worksheets that a student has submitted will appear here, along with a link to view their submission.

Deleting Students

To delete a student, navigate to the student’s profile following the steps outlined above. In the student’s profile click the More Options button found under the Profile Settings:

This will bring up the Delete option.

After clicking on the Delete button a pop-up will appear asking to confirm the student deletion.

Deleting a student will remove their login, access to your courses, and any worksheet submissions. 

Click on the "Yes, delete this student" button in the pop-up to remove the student from your Courses.

After successfully deleting a student you will be returned to the Students tab inside your Courses app.

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