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Easily customize how your Public Course Directory will appear to visitors!

The Course Directory is where both prospective and current students will land. Prospective students will be able to be directed to your SamCart product page to purchase a course, while existing students will be able to log in by clicking on the Login button found on your Course Directory. For more information on how students can access your courses take a look at our How To Access Your Courses article!

SamCart’s Courses App gives you all the tools you need to customize your Course Directory to fit your theme!

To access your Course’s settings, navigate to your Courses App and click on the Settings tab in the left-hand column:

Course Settings

Here, in your Course Settings, you’ll be able to configure settings specific to your Courses pages.

The Settings page is broken down into four sections: Basic Settings, Course Library Settings, Brand Settings, and Localization

Let’s deep dive into each of these sections more!

Basic Settings

In Basic Settings, you’ll be able to configure the basic settings for your course library. 

The Business Name field is where you can customize your Course Directory name. 

By default, the Business Name will be the Marketplace Name, and the Course Directory will be named "[Business Name] Courses". If you'd like the Course Directory to be named "Acme Courses", then only "Acme" should be entered into the Business Name field. In the following example, when "Course" is also added to the Business Name field, the Course Directory would end up named "Acme Course Courses".

That said, you can have your Courses app name match your marketplace name or have a unique name specific to your course directory.

Upload a course logo in the Company Logo upload.  The logo image will need to be in either JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

Your logo will appear in the top left corner of both the unauthenticated (public) and authenticated (logged-in student) views of the Course Directory!

Course Library Settings

Edit specific Course Library settings in the Course Library Settings section.

The Course Library Name field will be by default, “[Business Name from Basic Settings] Courses”. However, you can override this here by typing in whatever you’d like your library name to be in the Course Library Name field!

This is the title that appears on both the unauthenticated (public) and authenticated (logged-in student) views of the Course Directory.  

The Description field is an optional field where you can include a brief description that will appear on both the unauthenticated (public) and authenticated (logged-in student) views of the Course Directory.  

Brand Settings

Edit the color scheme of your Course Library page here!

The Primary Brand Color will update the banner color for your Course Library page.  

The Secondary Brand Color will update the banner color for your Course Overview pages.

The Primary Button Color will update primary button colors throughout your course Pages.

The Primary Text Color will update the text color for the Course Directory header & description text. 


Control the timezone of your Courses app here!

If using a drip schedule for your courses their release will be dependent on the timezone selected here: 

For more information on scheduling your courses visit our Scheduling article.

Here is an example of a Course Directory and Course Overview Page with all the above settings:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I hide or remove Courses from my Course Library without putting them in Draft mode?

A: At this time, all of your “Published” Courses will appear in your Course Library, and you cannot remove a Course from there without putting it into Draft mode.

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