Managing Your Courses

The SamCart Courses App makes it easy to find and organize all your courses with just a few clicks.

To locate, edit, organize, duplicate, or delete a course, start by clicking on the Courses tab inside your Courses App. By default, clicking on the Courses option in your Apps tab will bring you to your Course Library:

In your Course Library, you will see all the courses you’ve created! Each Course Card will include the following options:

Preview - See a preview of your course’s pages

Duplicate - Make a duplicate of a course 

Delete - Permanently remove a course from your course library. Deleting a course will remove all student access to that course.

On the Course Library page, you can reorder how your courses will appear on your public course directory! 

The order in which your Courses will appear on your public-facing Course Directory will be based on the order inside the Course Library from the top left (first course listed in your Course Directory) to the bottom right (last course listed in your Course Directory). 

To reorder your courses, just click on the Course Card and drag to the desired order.

The Share Course Library button will give you a link to your Public Course Directory:

The Public Course Directory is visible to anyone, including existing and prospective students. This page will list all of your published courses! Here is an example of a Public Course Directory:

Prospective students in the Public Course Directory will be able to see what units and lessons are included in the course, but they will not be able to view any course content. Your existing customers will be able to log in from this page and view all the available public course content. 

Your Public Course Directory page will have customizable Buy buttons that can be linked to SamCart product pages so prospective students can purchase access to your courses from your SamCart pages! For more information on this check out our Selling Your Course article!

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