Manually Import Students

Easily import a list of students and grant them access to a course!

With our Import Students feature you can import multiple students at once and use bulk actions to grant multiple students access to a course. If you'd like to grant access for one student at a time, check out Granting Course Access

How to import your students in bulk via CSV file:

  • To begin importing your students, navigate to the Students tab of the Courses App
  • Click on the Import Students button
  • After clicking on the Import Students button, you will need to select which Course(s) and Tier(s) will apply to all students being imported.

    When importing multiple students, it is currently not possible to grant access to different courses for specific students. With this in mind, we would recommend that you perform bulk uploads only for a group of students who will all be accessing the same course.

    Note: When you import students into SamCart Courses, you must grant them access to at least one course/tier.

After selecting the course(s)/tier(s) that your students will have access to click on the Continue button.

  • To import your students you will need to have created a CSV File with only three columns for the students’ First Name, Last Name, and Email.

    Here is an example on the format of the CSV file that should be uploaded:
  • Click on the Browse Files button to upload your CSV file from your computer:

If the CSV File is not formatted correctly, such as additional columns,  an error message will occur. If the file is formatted correctly you’ll be able to select the Continue button on the Import Students pop up to continue to the next step!

  • The last step is to preview and confirm that you have selected the correct course(s) and tier(s) to apply to the students that will be imported. It is important to double-check that the courses you’d like your students to have access to are correct since once you click Complete Import, the import will begin and you will be unable to make any changes.

    Once confirming that the correct courses are selected click on the Complete Import button:

Once the import is complete, all imported students will have a student profile as well as access to the selected course(s) and tier(s)! 

If any students were not successfully imported, you will be notified on the Confirmation screen.

After a successful student import you will receive the following screen:

You have now successfully imported your students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will my students know how to log into their Courses App?

A: When a student is added for the first time, they will receive an automated email with their login credentials with this information: 

For more information on the student's access process, check out our support article here

Q: What happens if I re-import a student who already exists as a user? 

A: If a student already exists as a user, the selected course(s) and tier(s) will be added to their library. They will not receive an email with login credentials - instead, they will simply want to log in with their existing credentials.

Q: I am getting an error when uploading my CSV file. What could be causing this?

A: We would suggest double checking that your CSV file has a header! The highlight part in the image below is what your header should look like.

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