Create worksheets to go along with your lesson material!

You can create worksheets that can help students review your material, or create a worksheet for students to leave feedback in your courses app! You’ll have total freedom over your worksheet content!

To begin creating a worksheet for your students, navigate to the lesson you’d like to associate a worksheet with and click on the Edit button:

In the Edit Lesson page, click on the Worksheets tab (1) and then click on the Create New Worksheet button (2) to begin creating your first worksheet:

After clicking on the Create New Worksheet button, the following fields will appear:

The Worksheet Title is a required field in order to Publish your worksheet. 

The Status dropdown gives you the option to keep your worksheet as in Draft status or to switch to the Publish status. When a worksheet is in the Draft status, the worksheet is hidden from your students. The Published status will give your students access to the worksheet. 

Selecting the Worksheet Settings checkbox will send you an email whenever a student completes the specific worksheet. This is an optional field.

To begin adding content to your worksheet, click on the Add Content button:

This will bring up a dropdown of different content to add to your product page. 

Just like when creating a lesson, you can add text, image, video, and audio to your worksheet! In addition to these fields you can add the following Form Fields:

  • Text Field - Create a field for short answer questions
  • Essay Field - Create a field for long form questions

  • Dropdown - Create a dropdown box for “select one”  questions

  • Checkboxes - Create a selection of multiple-choice answers where more than one can be selected

  • Matrix - Create a table that can be filled out by your students.

Once you have added the desired content to your worksheet and you are ready for it to be available to your students, you will need to switch the worksheet Status to published:

Your worksheet is now live and ready to be completed by your students!

Clicking inside the completed worksheet in your Student's profile will allow you to see your students submitted worksheet!

For more information on managing your students check out our Creating Students support article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a copy of the Worksheet get sent to the Teacher and/or Student?

A: You can choose to enable if the Worksheet gets sent to the teacher (yourself) or not inside where you edit the Worksheet. However, a copy does not get sent to the student.

Q: Are there any limitations when adding a file to be downloaded by my students?

A: Keep the file name short and no special characters in the file name to avoid issues.

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