Reactivating In-App

Ready to reactivate your subscription?

We are happy to help you get your account up and running again!

You can now reactivate your SamCart subscription from within your SamCart Marketplace account.

Reactivating In-App

First, you will need to log into your Marketplace account:

Note: Please make sure you are using the email address connected to your old Marketplace.

Once you have signed in, you will automatically be directed to your Billing page. Under the Your Subscriptions section, you will see your previous subscription history. From here, you can select the SamCart subscription you want to reactivate!

Click the blue Reactivate button.

A pop-up window will then appear which provides you with the full details of your subscription that is to be reactivated, including the subscription tier (ie. Launch, Grow, etc.), cost, and what payment method it will be billed to.

The information for your plan will be displayed on this pop-up screen. If you're satisfied with these details, click the Reactivate Now button. Once you click the button your subscription will be charged immediately to the payment on file, and your marketplace will reactivate!

There is also an option on this screen to choose a different-level subscription! If you want to consider another plan, you can review our other offers by clicking the Or Change Your Plan button. From there, you can change your plan, select subscription frequency (monthly vs. annual), and compare the plan costs! Once you have decided, click the blue Continue button on your preferred plan.

Once you complete that step, you will be taken back to the Reactivate Your Plan page where you can proceed with reactivating your subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to reactivate my account that is paused, how do I do that?

A: You can reactivate your subscription within your marketplace by following the steps above! If you have any questions, please contact

Q: I want to reactivate my subscription, but I noticed that my previous subscription and pricing are no longer available. Can I reactivate my old plan? 

A: For any questions regarding your old subscription, please reach out to

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