Managing Orders

Quickly find and manage all of your orders right inside of SamCart.

SamCart makes running the back-end of your business as simple as a few clicks. Let's dive into how to manage Customer Orders. 

  • To locate any Order, move your cursor over the Sales tab and click Orders.

  • Look through your recent orders, or use the search bar and date selector to look up an individual order by name, email, or order id number.

  • Once you have found the order you need, click on it to launch to order pop-up window.
  • This pop-up contains all the information you need about your customer’s order.

  1. Click View Full to see an expanded view of the order with more information.
  2. Click Edit Customer to change your customer’s information, correct typos, and edit addresses.
  3. Click the Refund buttons to refund individual line items.
  4. Click the Resend Receipt button to send your customer their Order Receipt Email containing a fresh Digital Download link.
  5. Click the Add to Order button to charge your customer for an additional Product.
  6.  Click the Refund Entire Order button to refund the entire purchase.

One important note concerning refunds is that PayPal refunds can only be issued within 180 days of the purchase.

Exporting Orders

You can export your orders anytime by clicking on the “Export Order CSV” in the bottom right-hand corner of your Orders tab.

Click on that button to launch the pop-up. Select the name of your file, and provide an email address to receive your CSV file after the export is complete.

Click on “Export” and your download will be sent to the email address you selected.

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