Resend Subscription Charge Receipts

Easily resend your customers' subscription charge receipts though SamCart.

You can now manually resend individual subscription charge receipts through your SamCart account!

You can resend subscription receipts for both Limited and Recurring subscription charges. 

To resend subscription charge receipts use the following steps:

Start by clicking on Subscriptions within the Sales tab in the navigation bar.

On the Subscriptions page you can easily filter and search through all your subscriptions using the bar pictured below.

  • Use the Search Bar to find subscriptions based on the customer’s name, email address, or Subscription ID Number.
  • Use the Date Picker to find subscriptions that began at a certain time.

After you’re done picking your specifics, click Search to search for subscriptions that match your search parameters. Once you locate the subscription, click on the Subscription ID.  

In the window that pops-up, click the blue envelope button to resend any subscription charge receipt to your customer!

You can resend subscription charge receipts for both cancelled and active subscriptions.

Additionally, you can turn on subscription charge receipts so customers will receive them automatically each time a payment is received:

For more information on marketplace emails, check out our Marketplace Emails article. 

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