Granting and Revoking Course Access

Easily manage your students' access to your courses!

With SamCart’s Courses App you can grant students access to new or additional courses, or remove them from a course they are enrolled in. See how to grant or revoke access for one student at a time below, or in bulk with the Import Students feature

First, you will need to access the student’s profile by navigating to the Students tab inside your Courses App.

There you can search for the customer by name or email address in the search bar (1) and click on the student’s name (2): 

You can also manually grant course access to a student you manually create by clicking on the +Add Student button. By default, all manually created students will not have access to any courses and will need to manually be granted access to courses. For more information on manually creating a student, you can visit our Creating Students article here.

In the student’s profile click on the Enroll button:

The Enroll button will prompt a pop-up to appear which will walk you through the steps required to manually grant a student access to a course. 

  • Step 1 - Select Course: In the Select Course dropdown all of your created courses will appear. Click on the course you would like your student to have access to and then click on the Next button:
  • Step 2 - Select Tier: All of the available tiers for the selected course will appear here. Select the tier you wish to grant your student access to and click on the Add button.

If the Course only has one tier, only the Basic option will appear. In this case, click on the Basic option and click Add. If you would like to send an email to the student that notifies them they have been granted access to the course click on the Send student notification email box. 

After a tier has been assigned click on the Enroll button to save. 

You have now successfully granted your student access to a course!

Courses that are manually granted to customers will appear in the Courses section of their student profile in addition to any existing courses. 

Your student will now be able to log in to their student account and enjoy access to the specific tier of the course that has now been added to their profile! 

Revoking Course Access

If you'd like to unenroll a student from a course without fully deleting them, you can basically follow the same process as manually enrolling them.

Find the student in question and click Enroll:

Select the course in question and click Next Step:

On the next screen, select their currently assigned access tier and then select Remove to move it out of their assigned tiers. Clicking Enroll will then save these changes (this button is a misnomer in this case since you are of course unenrolling the student, but this is a necessary step.)

The student will now no longer be enrolled!

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