Courses Cross-Sell

Offer additional products for your students to purchase with Courses Cross-Sell

With Course Cross-Sell in the SamCart Courses App, you can now advertise your other courses and products to your students from within their already purchased courses! Similar to our order bump feature, Course Cross-Sell enables your existing students to purchase additional courses or products using the payment method from their original order in just a couple of clicks.

Read more to learn how to create a Course Cross-Sell!

Creating a Cross-Sell

Inside the course you’d like to add one or more Cross-Sells to, navigate to the Cross-Sell tab:

Click on the +Add Cross-Sell button:

You will be directed to the Edit Cross-Sell page. In the Course Details section select the product you’d like your students to purchase.

After selecting your product, in the Display Information section, you can edit the text used to advertise your product. You can edit the Cross-Sell Headline, Description, and Button Text. Additionally, you can add a featured image to your Course Cross-Sell!

Whenever you are ready for your Cross-Sell to appear within your course, toggle the Show on Course Page button to On.

Once you have selected your product to sell as a Cross-Sell, click Save Changes (1) and navigate back to the Edit Course Cross-Sell (2) tab. 

In the Cross-Sell Design section, you can edit the color scheme of your Cross-Sell to match your brand! You’ll be able to edit the Background Color, Text Color, Button Color, and Button Text Color.

You can add up to three Course Cross-Sells on each of your courses! To add another Cross-Sell, click on the +Add Cross-Sell button and repeat the above.

Note: The layout of the Cross-Sells will automatically adjust at the top of your Course based on the number of Cross-Sells you’ve added. 

Any added Cross-Sells will appear on your course as a banner similar to the following:

Now that you have added the Cross-Sell to your course, let’s explore the student flow for purchasing an additional product! 

Students Purchasing Course

Note: A Course Cross-Sell will only appear for students who have not previously purchased the course/product. 

After clicking the button to purchase the Cross-Sell, your student can complete the additional purchase in one of two ways: 

  1. If the student’s login email is the same email address that was used when initially purchasing the course, they’ll see a pop-up modal requesting a six-digit verification code sent to their email. Once the verification code is entered, the pop-up modal will display details of the payment information on file. Then, they’ll select the Confirm button to finalize the purchase.
    An order receipt will be sent to their email and they’ll immediately have access to the additional course/product!
  2. If the student’s login email does not match the email address that was used when initially purchasing the course, they’ll be automatically directed to the product page associated with the Cross-Sell. They’ll finalize the purchase through the product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my student is logged in with the same email address, but they need to use a different payment method than the one on file?

A: If your student would like to check out with a different payment method other than their initial payment method, on the pop-up modal, your student will see a button to switch their payment method. Your student would then be directed to Cross-Sell's product page to checkout with the desired pricing method!

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