Scheduling Your Units & Lessons ("Drip Content")

Schedule when your students get access to your course material!

With SamCart’s Courses App you have the option to control the schedule on which your students receive your units and lessons!

To schedule your course, first navigate to the Schedule tab inside your course:

When scheduling when your students will have access to your course material there is two options in the Schedule Type dropdown:

Instant Access - students will have access to every unit and lesson in your course as soon as they make their purchase.

Drip Scheduling - with this option, you can drip out units & lessons at a customized cadence

Release by Unit - students will have access to units based on your configured schedule

Release by Lesson - students will have access to lessons based on your configured schedule

With the Drip Scheduling option, you can release a unit or lesson on a specified Day of the Week, or you can set the number of days the course would be released after the student gained access to their last lesson:

You can customize the scheduling unit by unit or lesson by lesson, or you can use the Bulk Scheduling tool (see Bulk Schedule Your Courses section below)

You can also customize your scheduling even further with the Exempt and Required options!

Exempt units/lessons will bypass any scheduling requirments. Students will have access to exempt units/lesson upon purchase.

Required units/lessons will require that the student view and complete the unit/lesson before they are able to gain access to subsequent lessons.

Bulk Schedule Your Courses

Bulk scheduling is an easy way for you to schedule multiple different units/lessons at once!

To begin bulk scheduling, you will first need to select the units/lessons you’d like to have on the same schedule. 

You can either manually select each unit/lesson by clicking on the checkbox in the left-hand column:

Or by clicking in the “Select…” dropdown.

This will bring up a list of options to mass select units/lessons:

After you have made your selection you will need to click on the Bulk Edit button to set your schedule for the selected units/lessons:

In the Bulk Edit pop up you will be able to schedule your courses with the same settings described above!

You have now successfully scheduled the release of course content!

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