Creating Your Courses

Create your courses and course content with SamCart’s Courses App!

With SamCart’s Courses App you can now easily create your courses and add course content all within the SamCart platform!

To begin creating your first course, navigate to the Courses app in the Apps dropdown of your SamCart dashboard.

By default, you’ll be directed to the Courses tab. To start creating a course click on the + Create New Course button:

Course Details

After clicking on the Create New Course button you will be directed to the Course Details tab.

Here is where you will be able to give your course a title in the Course Title field (1).

You will also be able to add a Synopsis (2) and Description (3) for your course!  The Course synopsis is a brief description of your course.

All of the content that is added in the Course Details tab will appear on the Course Dashboard page that only your registered/logged-in students will have access to:

Under Course Thumbnail, you can choose to add an Image or Video that appears on the Course Dashboard. After selecting the Media Type you can upload the image or video in the space below.

In the Status dropdown, you can choose to save your course follows:

Draft - The default option. Your course details will not appear on your students’ Course Dashboard

Published - When Published is selected your Course will appear in your student’s Course Dashboard

Units & Lessons

Here you will be able to customize the Units and Lessons that are in your course! For more information on creating and editing Units and Lessons check out our Units and Lessons article here. 


In the Scheduling tab, you will be able to configure the timing your course material is delivered to your students. For more information on setting a course schedule visit our scheduling article here!

Public Details

The Public Details tab gives you the settings to edit how your course will appear to prospective students!

Here you will be able to determine what potential students who visit your course page will see.

In the Purchase Button field, you can enter the full URL to the SamCart checkout page where students can purchase the course.

Edit the text of the course purchase button in the Purchase Button Text field.

Similar to the Course Details tab you can add a synopsis and description in the Public Course Synopsis and Public Course Content field. 

All of the content added to these fields in the Public Details tab will appear to prospective customers on your Course Page!

Assign Products

In the Assign Products tab, you will be able to assign your Samcart products that upon purchase will automatically grant customers access to your course.

For more information on Assigning Products check out our Selling Your Course article here

Similar to editing your products inside SamCart, you will need to click on the Save button before you navigate to a different Edit Course tab to save your content. 

If at any point you’d like to see how your course will appear to your students you can click on the View Course button on any of the Edit Course tabs:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a Custom Domain be used for a course within the Courses App?

A: No, it is not possible to use a Custom Domain to direct to a course within the Courses App.

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