Create a quiz for any lesson inside your course!

Inside your courses app, you can create and add quizzes to your lessons! Adding a quiz to your lesson will prompt students to take the quiz at the end of the lesson. These quizzes can be optional, required, or even have a minimum passing requirement.

Create Your Quiz

To create a quiz, navigate to the lesson you’d like to associate a worksheet with and click on the Edit button:

On the Edit Lesson page, click on the Quiz tab (1) and then click on the Add New Question button (2):

Start by typing in your first quiz question, followed by the possible quiz answer. You can click on the Add New Answer button to add multiple different answer choices:

You will need to manually select the correct answer for each quiz question.

To add another quiz question you can click on the Add New Question button and repeat the above steps for the rest of your quiz questions!

Edit Your Quiz

After creating all your quiz questions and answers, you can rearrange the order of the quiz questions by dragging the quiz question and dropping it in the desired order:

You can delete any existing quiz question by selecting the following Delete icon:

Make sure to click on the Save button before leaving your Quiz tab to save your work!

To enable your quiz so that your students can have access to it at the end of your lesson, check the Quiz Enabled (1) box. 

If you’d like your quiz to be completed before moving onto another lesson in your course, click on the Quiz Required (2) option. A required quiz means your students must take or pass the quiz in order to move onto the next lesson.

If you’d like your course to have a minimum percentage score to pass, enter the minimum score in the Minimum Percentage Score to Pass Quiz field (3)

Having the Quiz Required option selected with a Minimum Score will make it so your quiz must be passed with the minimum score before moving on in the course.

View Your Students Completed Quiz

To view your student’s completed quizzes, you can do so by going to their student profile in your courses app. In the Quizzes section you’ll see a list of all completed quizzes by that specific student, as well as the date it was completed on and if the student passed or not:

For more information on managing your students check out our Creating Students support article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any limitations when adding a file to be downloaded by my students?

A: Keep the file name short and no special characters in the file name to avoid issues.

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