Featured Courses

Use the Featured Courses tool to better promote your courses!

Have you created so many courses that your favorites feel lost in the crowd? Featured Courses are here to help! 

In addition to dragging and dropping your list of courses into your preferred order, featuring a course will showcase it at the top of your Course Directory, providing you the extra tool you need to grab visitors’ attention. Here is how to achieve this and what it will look like.

  1. Turn on Featured Courses

    From your Course Library (found in your marketplace under Apps > Courses App), select the course you’d like to feature. This will take you to the Edit Course page (and by default, the Course Details tab within that page.) Find the Featured Course setting on the right side of this page (beneath the Status setting) and toggle it on.

    The course must have a product page attached to it, or else it will not appear in the Featured section. This is because the Featured section will prompt viewers to purchase the course. Learn more about assigning products here: Selling Your Course

  2. View in Course Library and Course Directory

    Back in your Course Library, courses which you have selected to feature will now sport a yellow “Featured” icon.

    The link for your shareable, customer-facing Course Directory can be grabbed using the “Share Course Library” button in the top right of the Library.

    Your chosen courses will now be displayed in the Featured Courses section at the top of your directory!

    If more than one course has been selected to feature, the displayed course will rotate (referred to as a “carousel.”) This occurs automatically, but can be manually triggered by clicking the side-scroll arrow. If a user hovers over the displayed course, the carousel will pause, giving them time to view it.

  3. Purchasing a Featured Course

    If a student already has access to the featured course, they will see a “Learn More” button which will take them to the course.

    If a student does NOT already have access to the featured course, they will see a purchase button, the text of which can be customized back in your Course Library > Course > Public Details tab. When this is clicked, one of two things will happen:

    If they do not have a payment source on file, they will be taken to the course’s product page to check out.

    If they DO have a payment source on file, we will email them a code which they will be prompted to input for payment verification. [An important note is that this method will only be available to Launch users for a limited time, after which it will only be available for Grow and above.]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Featured Courses show in the public Course Directory?

A: Yes. Viewers and students alike will be able to see Featured Courses in the Course Directory.

Q: If someone has purchased a course, will they still see it in the Course List?

A: Yes. Whether the featured course is purchased or not, it will be displayed at the top of the Library as well as below in the Course List.

Q: How many courses can be featured?

A: A maximum of 4 courses can be added to the featured courses list.

Q: I've follow these steps, but am not seeing the results.

A: In many cases, it may take a few minutes for changes to populate. This is the case for the "featured" badge showing up, the featured section itself showing up in the directory, as well as assigned courses showing up in the dropdown list shown in the first image. 

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