Adding Diagrams and Charts


Drag and Drop Diagram Images

If you have created diagrams or charts in an external tool like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or a programming IDE, simply download your diagram as a .png or .jpg file. Then drag and drop it into Typeset just like any other image.

Build Your Own Diagrams in Typeset

Diagrams and charts are an elegant method of communicating data, relationships, and processes. There are myriad third-party tools to create these elements, but you can create commonly used figures directly in Typeset!

Create these kinds of charts in Typeset:

  • Line
  • Bar
  • Column
  • Pie
  • Funnel
  • Sunburst

Then, simply edit the data in the editor panel to meet your requirements and communicate your message. Never worry about being stuck with the color theme of another tool or having to manually input the colors for each element in your diagram again. Typeset will create beautiful diagrams automatically and even provide different display options when you hit the ? Magic Wand.

Using Mermaid Syntax to Build Diagrams

With Mermaid syntax, you can create these types of diagrams:

  • Flowchart or Decision tree
  • Sequence diagram
  • Gannt
  • Gitgraph

Typeset supports the Mermaid syntax to create a variety of diagrams via a synonymous component. Just type "Mermaid" at the beginning of a line or use the "/" command to search for Mermaid or your desired chart type.


Typeset will provide an example to get you started.


If you're familiar with the syntax or prefer a keyboard-first way of creating diagrams, numerous formats are supported. Here are a few examples.



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