Adding Polls and Interactive Content

Often, presenters will have to show their audience options to choose from and the audience will make decisions in real-time. Typically, these decisions are noted by someone in the audience or the presenter themself – that is if they remember.

Typeset empowers you to directly involve your audience, capturing decisions and feedback alongside the information you're presenting in a real-time environment.


Interactive Polls

The first available interactive feature is the ability to turn your bullet lists into interactive polls.


All you have to do is click the Settings menu for a bullet list and click the Interactive button.


Make the options single or multiple choice via the settings menu.


Responses will be immediately visible and indicated via the bars below each option.


When presenting, click the device button when hovering over the bottom of the screen to display a QR code. Audience members can scan this code using their phones and be taken to the slide where they can participate. This allows you to collect meaningful data from your audience, whether there are five or five hundred people.

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