Adding a Timeline Graph


Using the Timeline Component

Picture a timeline as your narrative ally during a presentation, skillfully intertwining the threads of time to display the progression of events, milestones, or project phases. It's like your personal tour guide through history or project evolution, offering a succinct snapshot of progress and achievements. With its visual appeal and chronological clarity, a timeline becomes your secret weapon, engaging the audience and bringing context to your narrative. So, as you craft your presentation, consider harnessing the power of timelines to captivate your audience and make your story truly unforgettable.

To get started, you’ll use /timeline and select the Timeline option to insert into your slide.

By default, Typeset will insert an example timeline for you. You can customize this copy or erase all data to create from scratch. 

Timeline Display Orientation

You are able to adjust your timeline to a different display:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

In addition, the option to use an "alternate" version can be enabled for each orientation.

Vertical Display:

Vertical (Alternate):

Horizontal Display:

Horizontal Display (Alternate):

Add Image to Timeline

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