Repeating Elements: Group Content into Cards

One of Typeset's greatest strengths is easily managing repeated elements such as a list of logos or people on your team page. Don't hassle with arranging, resizing, and formatting – Typeset will do all that for you.

Seamlessly create a consistent look across your slides.


If you need to organize things besides images, like content blocks, Typeset provides templates for some quick starting points. Click the Magic Wand to the left of a new slide in the editor to bring up the templates.


Typeset can automatically detect repeated elements, but you can also use the Create Group button (soon to be renamed and improved) and add elements to the card manually, or use a template such as the Team Slide.


Adding more cards to the list will automatically adjust the layout to accommodate the additional entries.


Hint: Use the duplicate card button to quickly add more entries and edit as needed. As usual, click the Magic Wand to view different layout options for your cards.


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