Custom Fields

Gather extra information from your customers on your checkout form by adding Custom Fields.

Looking to collect extra information from your customers beyond what's available on the default SamCart checkout pages? Then custom fields are going to be your new best friend! Custom fields are perfect for anyone looking to collect custom product variations such as product size, color, fabric, date, time, and more! 

Types Of Custom Fields

There are currently 3 unique types of Custom Fields. This section contains a brief description and screenshot of each. 

Drop-down List

Allow customers to select from multiple options you provide using a dropdown menu. 

Best for single, specific choices like shirt size or color.

Text Input

Provide a blank text field where customers can type in their own responses. 


Provide a checkbox customers can check or un-check before placing their order.

Now that you have a better idea of how each Custom Field looks on the form, create your own Custom Fields in the section below!

Creating A Custom Field

Custom Fields are created and managed in your Marketplace Settings. 

  • Begin by clicking the gear icon to go to your Settings.
  • From there, click Custom Fields on the top menu.
  • Then, click the + Create New button.

In the popup window, choose an Internal Field Name. This only displays internally and will not be seen by customer. 

Then choose your Checkout Page Label. This label will display on your checkout page where the custom field is in use.

Lastly, choose what type of Custom Field you want to create. You have the three aforementioned options:

Drop-down List

To create a list of options your customers can choose from, select Drop-down List under Field Type. You can then enter the options that you would like to have appear in the list. Write each option on a new line.  

Text Input

To make a Text Input field, follow the exact same guidelines above, except choose Text Input in the Field Type drop-down list (as pictured below). 


Add a checkbox that your customers can check or un-check. Choose what this checkbox will display, if this box should be pre-checked by default, and if checking this box will be required to place an order. 

Date Picker

If you'd like to add a Date Picker to your sales page, please reach out to us at and we'd be happy to assist you further.

There are two customization options available for all Custom Fields:


If you want to require customers to fill in this Custom Field before placing their order, check the "Required?" checkbox. 

Show In Receipt

If you would like this Custom Field (and the customer's selection) in the Order Receipt your customer receives after placing their order, click the "Show In Receipt?" checkbox.

After you create the Custom Field in your Marketplace Settings, you will then add the field to your checkout page in your Product Settings. The next two steps will explain how to do that in the new Drag and Drop Content Builder as well as the legacy page builder if you have not switched over yet.

Adding Custom Fields to Checkout Pages in the Drag and Drop Content Builder

Once you've created your custom fields, you can place them into any of your checkout pages when using the Drag and Drop Content Builder.

Go to the Checkout Design tab and launch the Content Builder

Once inside the Content Builder, go to the Settings tab and choose Checkout Form

Then scroll down to the Custom Fields section and select the checkbox to add it to the form. 

Click the blue Publish button to make the changes live. 

Adding Custom Fields to Checkout Pages in the Legacy Template Builder

Once you've created your custom fields, you can place them into any of your checkout pages using the Legacy Template Builder.

Go to the products settings, and click on the Checkout Design tab in the left-hand sidebar. Scroll until you find the Custom Field checkboxes.

Select any custom fields you want to display on this product's checkout page. Once they're checked off just save your changes, and you're good to go! 

Adding Custom Fields To Upsell Pages

You can also add your Custom Fields to any of your One-Click Upsells. To do so, head to your Upsell's Edit Page and scroll down to the bottom. 

Next to the Custom Fields section, check the desired Custom Fields and click Save Changes

Where can I view the Custom Field data? 

Now that you have the fields all set up and orders are coming in, the next section will explain how to retrieve the information you are collecting.

In the SamCart Dashboard

If you would like to view the Custom Field data inside the SamCart dashboard, go into a detailed order view and look at the Custom Fields section. This will give you a snapshot and allow you to edit and change the answers for any of those fields. 

In the Orders Report

When you export the CSV File of orders, the Custom Field columns will be included on the spreadsheet.

The Export Orders support article will guide you through this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I choose the placement of the Custom Field on the form?

A: Custom Fields cannot be moved around SamCart checkout pages right now. Their location is fixed, but we're working on offering more flexibility with the design soon!

Q: How can I pass Custom Field data over to another platform?

A: Custom Field information is included in the information SamCart sends to Zapier, and through the SamCart Webhook.

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