The Social Dashboard

Want all of your data accessible under one platform? Tired of manually tracking this data independently? Introducing our new Social Dashboard! 

With our Social Dashboard, you’ll be able to track your engagement, current audience, and sales across your social platforms. 

Not only that, you’ll be able to see the timeline of progression for each of the noted categories over different time periods ranging from the last 7 days to Year-to-Date. We’ll even recommend videos to help improve or maintain your Social data!


Our Engagement Tab is meant to track the likes, shares, comments and views of your posts. This can be sporadic in nature, but can provide you insight of what's making an impression on your audience.


The Audience Tab is going to track your total audience across all of your social media platforms. To give you a one-stop shop on viewing your level of influence!


For the Sales Tab, if you have a SamCart Marketplace* and are using this to generate your revenue, we have created this tab to allow you to keep track of the sales that your marketplace products. 

*Please note in order for this tab to work, you must be the owner of the Marketplace

Creator Score

The Creator Score is an aggregate score based on the Audience, Engagement and Sales tabs to rate your progress as a creator. 

Recommended for You

To help you on your journey and maximize your Creator score, we will provide recommended courses and videos for you based on your current progress. These courses and videos are meant to provide you next steps to help you improve on an area that needs improvement.


I need help with connecting my Social Media Accounts, where do I go?

We have a dedicated Knowledge Base Article here for connecting your Social media accounts

If you have any other questions about the Social Dashboard, feel free to send us an email at:

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