Troubleshooting Instagram Connection

We recognize that the Instagram Connection steps can be the most tedious. If you're still having trouble with the connection we have some helpful tips to get you back on track!

Important Notes

Due to Facebook limitations, you can only connect one Instagram account to a Facebook Business Page. If you're looking to connect multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll need multiple Facebook Pages connected to each Instagram page

You'll want to ensure that you have a Facebook Page rather than using your Facebook Profile or Group. You can click the following link for the differences between Profiles, Pages and Groups on Facebook.

Switch to Creator or Professional

One requirement to connect your Instagram account to your Social Dashboard; your Instagram account must be a Creator or Professional Account. This will be done by clicking the icon with three horizontal lines and navigating to the settings. Below you'll see how this can be done from Mobile and Desktop devices.




Connecting Facebook Page

Since Facebook only allows for one Instagram account to be connected to a Facebook page, you'll need to ensure that the correct Instagram account is connected to your Facebook Page. Below you'll see how this can be done from Mobile and Desktop devices.


On Mobile devices to connect your Facebook Page, this will be done through Instagram. Fortunately, Phyllo offers a helpful video that shows a step-by-step click path, please click the following link to review that video: 


On Desktop devices to connect your Facebook Page, this is done through Facebook.

You'll need to switch to your Facebook Page then navigate and click Settings & Privacy then Settings. On the following page, choose Linked Accounts from the side menu.

Social Data Not Loading

If your social data is not loading, one thing you’ll need to ensure is that your Instagram account is connected and showing a “blue checkmark” next to the Instagram icon. If it’s disconnected, you’ll see an orange exclamation point indicating there’s something wrong with the connection.

By clicking Instagram you’ll see the error message for your current connection.

If your issues persist or if you have any other questions, please reach out to our support team at:

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