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Having trouble creating your SamCart account? Check out our guide on account creation!

Before you start selling, you'll want to spend a moment on your Marketplace Settings.

Note: this article contains videos that utilize a previous navigation bar design. Most functions have remained unchanged, but you can always reference this guide which covers the update and differences.

Most of these Settings were likely set when you initially created your account, but it's wise to make sure everything is to your liking before taking your product(s) live.

If you're new to SamCart or selling online, don't be overwhelmed by these. Only a few are required, and we'll highlight what you need to focus on below.

To access your Marketplace Settings, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your SamCart Dashboard:


Let's break down each of these settings below:

  • Marketplace Name (Required): This is the business/brand name that will appear on your SamCart pages, Marketplace Emails, Order Summary Pages, etc. If you don't yet have a business/brand name, just use your own name!
  • Default Logo (Recommended): Your business/brand's logo. This will appear on your SamCart pages, Order Summary Pages, Marketplace Emails, etc. You don't need to worry about the Light and Dark versions. Just make sure the logo is smaller than 2MB, 250 x 250 pixels in size, and in either JPG, PNG, or GIF format. This is a highly recommended but optional setting.
  • Default Favicon (Optional): This is the icon associated with a URL that is displayed in a browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list. Learn more about setting this up in our Favicon support article.
  • Default Country (Required): When a customer is entering their Billing information, they'll need to select the country they're in from a dropdown menu. This setting determines which Country is first on the list. We recommend choosing the country most of your customers are in.
  • Marketplace Address (Optional): Your business address. You are required to enter your Marketplace Address if you are using SamCart's Tax feature.
  • VAT ID (Optional): If your business pays VAT tax, you can enter your VAT ID here.
  • Time Zone (Required): The default time zone used in your reports. This will only affect the times displayed in your dashboard and will not affect your reporting exports, the times returned by the API, or the timing of your subscriptions and transfers. These will remain in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
  • Support Contact (Recommended): The email address and/or phone number that will appear on your SamCart pages, Order Summary Pages, and Marketplace Emails that customers can use to reach you with questions. This is a highly recommended but optional setting. 
  • Currency (Required): The currency your SamCart Products will be sold in. For more information, reference this article. After you have created your marketplace, this setting cannot be changed.
  • Digital Product Expiration (Only change if necessary): The number of days your digital download links are available for. After this period passes, you'll need to re-send your customers their Order Receipt to provide them a new link. A short period of time makes it harder for your download link to be shared across the web. We recommend keeping the default 2 days.
  • Embed HTML/Scripts in Header (Optional): This injects any custom HTML or script into the Header of all your SamCart Product Pages. This is traditionally used for Facebook/Google Tracking Pixels. If you don't know what that is then don't worry about it! It's by no means required for selling with SamCart.
  • Embed HTML/Scripts in Footer (Optional): This injects any custom HTML or script into the Footer of all your SamCart Product Pages.
  • Digital Download Button Text: This is the text that appears on the digital download button that appears on the order receipt and summary page. By default, this text is Download.

Marketing Analytics (Optional)

These settings are related to tracking specific marketing efforts such as UTM Tracking and Google Analytics. These are only for advanced users and by no means necessary for using SamCart!

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